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P505 Optimizer specs
For Higher Current PV Modules
SolarEdge Model Number P505
Max. DC Input Voltage 83V
Max. DC Input Current 17.5A
Max. Output DC Voltage 85V
Max. Output DC Current 15A
Max. System Voltage 1000V
Output Wire Length 3.9 ft.

Complete SolarEdge Optimizer PV Systems  
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SolarEdge P505 Power Optimizer

SKU P505

SolarEdge P505 Power Optimizer

commercial power optimizers

Add-on Power Optimizer for High-Curent PV Modules
Designed for use with SolarEdge Inverters

  • The P505 connects one High-Current PV module
  • Superior efficiency at up to 99.5%!
  • Low 1 volt output during standby for safety
  • Simple one-bolt installation
  • Double-insulated MC4 compatible connectors
  • Excellent efficiency in partially shaded conditions

Commercial PV Power Optimization

  • Up to 25% more energy
  • Mitigates all types of solar panel mismatch losses, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading
  • Flexible system design for maximum space utilization
  • Next generation maintenance with module-level monitoring
  • Module-level voltage shutdown for installer and firefighter safety

The fixed-voltage technology ensures a SolarEdge power optimized solar system is always working at its optimal input voltage over a wider range of string lengths and regardless of the environmental conditions of your solar system.

free SolarEdge Optimizer monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring for the Life of the System

The web-based SolarEdge monitoring portal provides enhanced PV performance monitoring and yield assurance through impub/mediate fault detection and alerts at module level, string level and system level.

No hardware or wiring is required to transmit data from the power optimizers to the inverter: the monitoring sensors and transmitters are built into the SolarEdge power optimizer and solar inverter, and measurement data is transmitted over the regular power lines.

P505 with solar panel rooftop

PV Design Using a SolarEdge Inverter & P505 Optimizers

Single Phase Three Phase 208V Three Phase 480V
Minimum String Length Power Optimizers 6 Optimizers 8 Optimizers 14 Optimizers
PV Modules 6 Modules 8 Modules 14 Modules
Maximum String Length Power Optimizers 25 Optimizers 25 Optimizers 30-50 Optimizers
PV Modules 25 Modules 25 Modules 30-50 Modules
Maximum Power Per String 5,250-6,000 watts 6,000 watts 12,750 watts
P505 design with single-phase analog inverters is limited. Use the SolarEdge Site Designer for verification.


SolarEdge Power Optimizer Site Designer

SolarEdge Site Designer for P505 Optimizers

The SolarEdge Site Designer makes designing an optimizer PV system easier than ever for any given SolarEdge installation size. The tool recommends the number of strings and each string’s length as well as PV inverter and power optimizer selections. This is all based on site size and PV module selection.

In addition to the automatic design recommendation, the Site Designer supports multi-orientation design, multiple module types in one design, as well as printable reports and the SolarEdge Bill-of-Materials for the design. Site Designer is a free download.


SolarEdge Site Mapper for P505 Optimizers

The Site Mapper scans the barcodes of power optimizers and solar inverters to create a virtual map of a PV site, facilitating remote diagnostics through the SolarEdge monitoring portal. When installing your SolarEdge system, download the SolarEdge Mapper application to your iPhone, free of charge, from the Apple ITunes Store and enjoy all the benefits of module-level monitoring at a touch of a finger.

Following an easy sketch of the physical layout of a SolarEdge installation, the iPhone application uses the phone’s camera for scanning the barcodes. A match between the physical layout and the logic layout (string assignment) is created and then the layout is emailed to the SolarEdge support team for inclusion on the monitoring portal.

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