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Conext Quick Fit XW+ L
Schneider Electric
Model Number
AC Nominal Power 6,800 Watts
Battery Charger Current 140 Amps
Battery Charging Voltage 48 Volts
Peak Efficiency 95.7%
CEC Weighted Efficiency 92.5%
Max PV Charge Current 120 Amps
Weight (lbs) 229.8
Height (in) 46.4
Width (in) 35.3
Depth (in) 12.0

Schneider Electric Conext Quick Fit XW+ L Home Solar Backup System

SKU 865-6848-01LPS
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Schneider Electric Conext Quick Fit XW+ L Solar Home Backup Power Supply

Pre-wired solar solution for grid-interactive, storage, power backup for home and off-grid solar applications during extended power outages.

This model XW+ L includes 2 low voltage PV charge controllers and a ComBox for monitoring and communication.

Schneider Electric’s Conext™ Quick Fit XW+ L is an all-in-one, plug-n-play solution for grid-tied storage, power backup for home and off-grid applications. Save installation time and cost with Schneider Electric’s Conext Quick Fit. Just mount on the wall with included bracket and you’re ready to go! Designed to Schneider Electric’s rigorous reliability and quality standards, the Conext Quick Fit is the ideal solution for residential applications.

Solar Electric Supply is an approved PG&E, So. Cal. Edison, SDG&E and So. Cal. Gas supplier for critical load battery storage and solar systems.

Detailed Features

Intelligent Features

AGS generator starter
Automatic Generator Start is available as an option for those cloudy power outages.
  • Grid sell
  • Peak load shave
  • Generator support
  • Prioritized consumption of battery or external DC energy

Complete Quick Fit XW+ L Plug-N-Play System:

Quick Fit wiring diagram

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