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Microinverters vs. Optimizers in Grid-Tie Solar Systems - Commercial and Residential

Microinverters vs. Power Optimizers Review

Solar Electric Supply provides complete residential and commercial grid-tie solar systems with scalable Enphase microinverters and the very efficient SolarEdge power optimizers.

Microinverters are small grid-tie inverters that mount to each solar panel.

Power optimizers isolate and condition the DC power of each solar panel to a string of panels fed to a central inverter.

Each solution has its unique advantages over the other for your particular solar system situation.

microinverter vs optimizer

What's better for my application? SolarEdge, Enphase or a traditional string inverter?

SolarEdge offers the most efficient solar system solution using power optimizers with a very low failure rate. They are significantly less expense to install than Enphase micro-inverters and do not require expensive proprietary branch circuit cables. SolarEdge uses a web-based monitoring system that has proven to be simple, reliable and very comprehensive.

Enphase solar systems tend to be more scalable. Since Enphase systems use one microinverter per solar panel, one can theoretically design a system as small as one solar panel! A DIY homeowner may decide to start with a small system and grow as time and budget allow.

The largest Enphase micro inverter available to today is the Enphase M250 250 watt unit. This may not be ideal or compatible with the higher efficiency 290-300 watt solar modules that are becoming more common on the market such as Silevo Triex solar panels U290-U300. The Enphase utilizes power line transmission for its Envoy monitoring system which has some drawbacks.

A traditional string inverter may be the most economical choice. We can often offer a more efficient PV inverter solution for a similar price, contact us for expert advice.

We are happy to assist you with your system design and address any questions or concerns you may have with either type of inverter.

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Residential SolarEdge Optimizer Systems

We provide complete grid-tie solar systems for any home using Solaredge inverters with compatible power optimizers. Single-phase SolarEdge inverters typically used in residential solar projects include the: SE3000A-US, SE3800A-US, SE5000A-US, SE6000A-US and SE7000A-US. SolarEdge Power Optimizer models include the OP250-LV, OP300-MV, OP400-MV and OP400-EV.

Commercial SolarEdge Optimizer Systems

We also carry a complete line of the new Solaredge three-phase commercial grade inverters for larger scale grid-tie solar systems such as the SolarEdge SE9KUS for 208 VAC and the SE10KUS & SE20KUS for 480 volt three-phase AC output. One SolarEdge OP600-HV power optimizer is commonly used per two solar PV modules in a commercial solar system design.

SolarEdge optimizer


Residential Enphase Microinverter Solar Systems

Our Enphase solar systems designed for home use are flexible and designed to work with your solar system project. Our systems include Enphase Envoy for PV module monitoring, branch circuit cables, solar modules, module grounding and mounting hardware, disconnects and all of the items required to install the entire Enphase microinverter system.

enphase microinverter