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Quick Mount PV E-Mount

Quick Mount PV

Quick Mount PV E-Mount

The 9 x 12-inch E-Mount flashing is designed to fit within a standard 5 to 5.625" course and the exposed course should be no greater than 5.75". If the exposure is greater than this, use the Classic Composition Mount or the Classic Shake Mount as an alternative. There's no shingle cutting and no shingle distortion caused by trying to force a fit.

The Quick Mount PV E-Mount uses the patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal technology to provide superior waterproofing on composition/asphalt shingle roofs. Priced at a modest premium over commodity roof mounts, E-Mount makes it possible to deliver Quick Mount PV quality even on price-sensitive jobs. It is backed by solid engineering and certified for strength and waterproofing by the ICC-ES (ICC-ESR-3744). All stainless steel hardware included for fast, single bolt installation. 20-year Limited Product Warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented QBlock Elevated Water Seal
  • Stainless steel hardware (included)
  • All-aluminum 9" x 12" flashing
  • Won't void roof manufacturer's warranty
  • 20-year warranty with a 50-year expected life
  • Meets or exceeds roofing industry best practices
  • 2554 lbs. average ultimate pullout (Douglas fir)
  • 2203 lbs. average ultimate shear
  • ICC-ES certified
  • Works with all leading racks
  • Fast, simple one bolt installation
  • No shingle cutting
  • 100% IBC compliant
  • Patent numbers 7,762,027 & 7,895,808
  • Made in USA
UL 2703 Listed Fire Class A

The E-Mount is the smaller alternative to other QBlock Roof Mounts.

QBlock elevated water seal - ICC ES

E-Mount Extended - with extended hanger bolt

Item Code: QMSE-EHB

Same superior waterproofing protection and fast single bolt installation, with an additional 1/2" extension on the hanger bolt above the block, allowing for up to 7/8" vertical adjustment for bottom-mounted rails.

Attachment Options

The E-Mount series is available with three attachment options: standard 6" hanger bolt, extended 6.5" hanger bolt, or lag bolt.

Available finishes: aluminum mill (A); bronze anodized (B)

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Quick Mount PV E-Mount solar panel mounting system.