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Conduit Penetration Flashing

Quick Mount PV

Quick Mount PV Conduit Penetration Flashing

Safeguarding the conduit that encases a solar panel system's electrical wiring is just as important as protecting the roof and solar array. Quick Mount PV's Conduit Penetration Flashing protects conduit by allowing leak-proof penetrations through the roof for solar system integrity and peace of mind.

Quick Mount PV’s Conduit Penetration Flashing provides a quick, easy way to install a variety of conduit sizes through the roof while protecting the penetration against water intrusion. The Conduit Penetration Flashing is comprised of an all-aluminum flashing and an innovative EPDM post collar that can be customized by the installer to fit a ½", ¾", or 1" diameter conduit.

Features & Benefits

  • Seamless, all-aluminum spun cone 12"x12" flashing
  • Modifiable EPDM post collar/counter flashing accommodates 3 sizes of conduit
  • Meets or exceeds roofing industry best practices
  • 20-year warranty; 50-year expected life
  • Won’t void manufacturer’s warranty
  • Available through leading distributors
  • 100% IBC compliant
  • Made in USA
Conduit Penetration Flashing

The Conduit Penetration Flashing allows one to route system cables under the roof.

Conduit Flashing review

Seamless all-aluminum spun cone flashing with EPDM post collar for a leak-proof installation.

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