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SnapNrack Tile Replacement

SnapNrack solar mounting

SnapNrack Tile Replacement Mounts

SnapNrack Tile Replacement
The SnapNrack Tile Replacement is the most effective method for mounting solar to tile roofs.

The most effective method for mounting solar to tile roofs.

The SnapNrack Series 100 Tile Replacement provides the best solution for mounting the industry-leading Series 100 rail on tile roofs. It’s versatility and simple design make it the easiest install experience of any tile replacement on the market. Available in 3 models to accommodate many roof types including Spanish Tile, Flat tile, and W Tile roofs.

• No cutting of tiles required as with tile hook designs

• Single Tool installation and snap-in features as with all SnapNrack products

• Flexible material for easy insertion onto any tile roof

• Save time and material costs on broken tiles

Tile Replacement Models

flat tile replacement
Flat Tile Replacement
Spanish S Tile Replacement
S Tile Replacement
W Tile Replacement
W Tile Replacement
Base Assembly

The SnapNrack Tile Replacement Mount System 

Base Assembly

• Two piece design means less parts to keep track of up on the roof.
• Simply lag the base into place and slide the riser shaft into position for the tile replacement flashing
• Stud design on riser makes it easier to locate when installing flashing

Tile Replacement Flashing

Tile Replacement Flashing

• Profiles available to fit with all S-tile, Flat Tile and W-Tile types for any tile application
• Unique formable material makes fitment on the roof easy and flexible
• Specialized features such as rear support foot and front lip help add structure and improve the aesthetic finish
• Umbrella sealing technology ensures a fully weatherproof install that will stand the test of time

Tile Replacement Mount System Benefits

Complete Tile Replacement System

• SnapNrack Tile Replacements create a source of tiles to replace any that may be broken
• Entire assembly and flashing packaged together for easy logistics on and off the roof
• Series 100 L Foot and Channel Nut make rail installation a breeze

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Snapnrack Tile ReplacementSnapNrack Tile Replacement

Snapnrack Tile ReplacementSnapNrack Mount Warranty


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